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Notice for Media Registration of the 15th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition

*Note:After reading this notice, click on "I have read this notice"at the bottom of this page and start the online application

Dear Journalists,

Auto Guangzhou 2017 will take place at China Import and Export Fair Complex from Nov.17th to Nov.26th, 2017. The first day, Nov. 17th, will be the press day for domestic and foreign media. It’s our honor to welcome you to attend the exhibition this year. In order to facilitate your work during the period, please read carefully the key items for Media Accreditation Regulation:

Usage rights of the media credential

Media credentials of Auto Guangzhou 2017 are provided to qualified journalists. To qualify for media credentials, a person must be a working print, broadcast, or website journalist.

Auto Guangzhou 2017 credentials are not transferable. If Auto Guangzhou 2017 organizing committee becomes aware of any credential(s) being transferred to unauthorized individual(s), the Auto Guangzhou 2017 organizing committee reserves the right to confiscate the credential(s) and remove such person(s) from the show.

Types of media badge


Badge A is valid through the whole exhibition from Nov.17th to Nov.26th. On Nov.17th and Nov.18th, entry times are limited to 4 times in total for each day. From Nov.19th to Nov.26th, entry times are limited to 6 times in total.


Badge B is valid from Nov.17th to Nov.19th. Entry times are limited to 4 times in total for each day.

Required materials

1. Passport;

2. Business card;

3. Other identification materials as follows (one of them):

(1)Resident press credential issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China;

(2)Press credential issued by employing news agency or government;

(3)Signed invitation letter on company letterhead from exhibitor;

(4)Signed letter on company letterhead from your assignment editor confirming your assignment to cover the event;

(5)One by-lined story appearing in a verifiable print or electronic publication dated within the last six months.

Application Methods:

1. On-line application

Visit the official website of Auto Guangzhou ( http://www.autoguangzhou.com.cn/)to complete on-line registration and submit the required information as the instruction. If you have any questions or require media-related Auto Guangzhou 2017 information, including registration procedure, please contact the Media Department at autoguangzhou@163.com

Online application from Nov. 1st to Nov.14th, 2017

2.On-site application

(1)only can be applied by the users themselves;

(2)only can apply Media Badge B;

(3)All original materials mentioned above in "Required materials".

Time and location of On-site application

Area Date Location pic
Media Accreditation Office Nov.15th to Nov.18th , 2017 East platform of Area B of the complex read the map

Media Badge collection on-site

1.Time and location:

Date Time (Beijing Time) Location
2017-11-15 10:00-19:00 East platform of Area B of the complex
2017-11-16 10:00-19:00
2017-11-17 8:00-17:30
2017-11-18 10:00-12:00

2. Required materials

(1)Valid passport;

(2)Printed media registration receipt (reply E-mail sent by our system);

(3)Business Card;

(4)The original materials you uploaded to media registration system.

Thank you for your attention to the 15th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition!


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